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About Punchtime

Punchtime is a time tracking tool that integrates tightly with Trello. We really like the freedom Trello gives you to structure your projects, and we though it would be really neat if we could have a tool that would adapt to any structure you apply to your board. That tool is Punchtime.

Watch a brief introduction video

Feel free to pause/rewind; its a pretty fast video!

Using Punchtime alongside Trello

One of our main objectives was to embrace the freeform nature of Trello boards. We do not want to force any structure or working habits onto you just to be able to track time. So with Punchtime, you do not need any special list names. You also do not need to drag cards into specific lists to start tracking time. Instead, you use your board to structure your work the way you like best.

Punchtime works best when you install our browser extension (available for Safari and Chrome). With the extension installed, you can add logs right from your Trello board. You can also use a timer while you work, and create a log from that timer when you're done.

Logging time

Punchtime automatically keeps your list of boards up-to-date, and these boards are the starting point for your logs. Besides the board, you can be as specific as you like in further categrorizing the work you did: track who you collaborated with, group similar logs with labels and reference Trello cards. Once you have tracked time, Punchtime makes it easy to apply filters and drill down to the information you need.

For your whole team

Like Trello, Punchtime is built for collaboration. You automatically see any logs made by your teammates, making it easy to stay on top of what everyone is working on.

On the go

Get our mobile app (for Android and iOS) and log time wherever you are. You can also use a timer in the app to log while you work.

Next: create your first log

The next article will show you how to log in and create your first log. Continue

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