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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. About Punchtime
    2. Signing up and creating your first log
    3. Getting around: Dashboard, Boards, Organizations, Account
  2. Apps & Browser Extensions 

    1. Download apps and browser extensions
    2. Using the Punchtime browser extension
    3. Using the Punchtime mobile app
    4. Configuring the browser extension
  3. Punchtime Pro 

    1. Punchtime Pro features: analysis and administrative control
    2. Pricing and billing
    3. What happens when I add or remove members from my organization?
  4. Working with boards 

    1. Getting to your boards (open and closed)
    2. Viewing a board and its logs
    3. Filtering your logs
    4. Board Insights: powerful analysis [Pro]
    5. Board Reports [Pro]
  5. Logging time 

    1. Logging basics
    2. Logging on Labels
    3. Logging on Trello cards
    4. Collaborations: multiple members on a log
  6. Working with organizations 

    1. Navigating your organizations
    2. Organization Insights: powerful analysis across boards [Pro]
    3. Organization Reporting [Pro]
  7. Managing your account 

    1. How is my data kept up-to-date?
    2. Changing your time zone or first day of the week
    3. Changing your avatar, initials, name, etc.
  8. Security 

    1. How do I control access to my boards?
    2. Who can see my logs? Can I hide them?
    3. Is my data secure? Can I trust you with it?
    4. Can I export my data?
    5. Is my payment information secure?
  9. Common questions 

    1. How do I log time on a Trello card?
    2. Adding emoji to a log's description
    3. What is shown in the Dashboard feed?
    4. I can't find my Getting Started Tour board!
  10. All articles 

    1. About Punchtime
    2. Getting to your boards (open and closed)
    3. Logging basics
    4. Navigating your organizations
    5. How is my data kept up-to-date?

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