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Punchtime Pro features: analysis and administrative control

With Punchtime Pro you can upgrade your organization to gain powerful analysis and extra administrative control. To summarize, Pro gives you Insights, Private Mode, Reports, Export and Custom Labels.

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Available for boards and organizations, Insights provides you with statistics and charts that give you an overview of activity.
Visually compare activity by member. Quickly pull up charts that break down your logs per Trello card, label or even Trello Board list. Graph activity and collaborations over time to see how your team works.
Insights works with filters to allow you to quickly drill down and visualize just a subset of your activity. For example, quickly filter for a specific month.
Besides single boards, Insights is also available across all boards in an organization. This makes it very easy to see where time is being spent and by who. 

Learn more about Board Insights
Learn more about Organization Insights

Private mode

We believe transparency is great for teams. Seeing what your teammates are accomplishing motivates and gives a sense of progress. Still, there are situations where this transparency might not be desirable. For example when you have contractors logging time on a board.

When you want to prevent people from seeing anything but their own activity, Private Mode is what you need. Simply enable it for a board, and members will only see their own logs. They can still log collaborations, filter and export, but everyone else's activity will be invisible. Admins on the board will still see everything.

Lean how to configure Private Mode


Wether you need a quick overview of activity in spreadsheet form, or you want to do elaborate custom analysis, Reports has you covered. Reports can be downloaded as XLS and CSV files.

For a preview of what such a summary looks like, you can download a sample organization summary report.

Learn more about Organization Reports
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Pro enables you to export your data in XLS, CSV and JSON formats. The hierarchical JSON export is most elaborate and includes everything. It is also perfect as a personal backup, or for integration with other systems. XLS and CSV are flat and export a list of complete logs.

You can download a sample JSON board export.

Learn more about exporting data

Custom labels

Without Pro, Punchtime allows you to categorize your work by Trello card or Trello label. While this will be enough in many cases, it can be handy to be able to define your own set of labels to categorize work with. That way, you can use the Trello labels freely on the board itself.

Since you can combine logging on a card with a label, you can use this method for both fine-grained categorization with a card reference, and broader categorization using a custom label.
For example, you might create a log referencing the card "Negotiate contract with client", and categorize it on your custom label "Meetings". This makes it easy to see both how much time was spent in meetings, and how much time was spent negotiating that contract.

Learn more about managing labels

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