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Signing up and creating your first log

Signing up or Logging in

To get started, just go to You will be presented with the sign-in screen. Note that with Punchtime there is no distinction between signing up or logging in. You just always sign in!
After clicking the Sign In button, you'll be taken to Trello, where you must allow us to access your account. We need access to your account to synchronise your boards.
Click Allow to continue. Not that if you were not already logged in at Trello, you will be asked to log in first. After clicking Allow, you will be taken back to Punchtime, where we will start by synchronising your Trello boards.
This shouldn't take long, but the exact time depends on the number of boards you have. If you have a lot, it might take a minute. Note that after this, synchronisation will happen in the background, without you having to worry about it. And that's it! Once the sync completes, you will be logged in and ready to go.
After the sync, you will see the dashboard page. This is also where the Sign In button will take you if you already have an account. From here you are free to explore the app. We recommend you start with the Getting Started Tour where we explain the basics. Click on the green button to start the tour. After the tour, find a board of your own and start logging some time!

Creating your first log

From the dashboard, navigate to the boards list. Click Boards at the top of the page. You will see a list of all your boards.
In addition to your own boards, you will see the Getting Started Tour again. Find a board you like and click it to go to the Board page.
The board page is rather empty: there are no logs yet. Let's change that! The field asking you what are you working on? is the description field. Describe your work there. Next to it is the duration field, where you enter how much time you spent. Let's log one hour on "Testing Punchtime".
Great. Note that there are a few other fields you can use. We will skip those for now, but you can read more about them in the Working with boards chapter. Now click Add to create your log! It will appear in the activity list below.
Congratulations, you just added your first log! For bonus points, now click back to the Dashboard. As you will see, your log is shown there too.
This activity feed will show activity from all your teammates on all your boards, making it a great place to stay on top of what everyone is doing.

Next: Install our browser extension

Now that you're familiar with the Punchtime interface, take a minute to install our browser extension (for Chrome or Safari). With the extension, you can create logs without leaving your Trello board – very convenient!

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