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Getting to your boards (open and closed)

The boards list

Navigating to the Boards section from the top of your screen will take you to the Boards list. This list includes all open boards. As soon as a board is closed (in Trello) it will be removed from this list.

Boards are grouped by your organizations. Your own boards, and boards from organizations of which you are not a member are shown under Personal boards, at the bottom of the page.

Closed boards

One can close boards to prevent people from creating further logs on them. Boards can be closed through Trello, and Punchtime will automatically update to reflect the new board state.

Closed boards that have logs can be found by clicking on the Closed boards with logs tab in the Boards section. While one cannot log time on these boards, all other features like filtering, insights and reporting are available.
Closed boards without logs are hidden from view since one cannot log on a closed board. To make a board visible again, just re-open it from Trello (it will appear on the Open Boards tab).

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