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Viewing a board and its logs

Logging activity

With Punchtime, all actity is logged on a Trello board. They are always the starting point. Lets take a look at a sample Board page.
  1. The name of the board. When the board belongs to an organization (as is the case in this example) it is shown below the board name
  2. From left to right: a link to this board on Trello, the activity tab listing all logs, the insights tab for graphing, and the settings tab (this option is only available if you are an admin on the board)
  3. Use this form to create new logs. For more information on creating logs see Logging time
  4. The total amount of time logged on this board, taking into account any active filters (see the next item)
  5. Filters allow you to drill-down to a subset of activity. For example by limiting the results to a certain month, user, label, etc. You can also combine filters to quickly get to the information you need.
  6. Reports allow you to download activity in raw or summarized form in XLS or CSV format
  7. This is the log list. Logs are split by day for clarity
  8. This board makes heavy use of collaborations: you can add multiple people to a log to indicate collaborations. Time will be automatically multiplied by the number of participants
  9. The description of the log is used to indicate what was done
  10. This displays the duration. Since this is a collaboration, the number of participants is also shown

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