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Using the Punchtime mobile app

About the mobile app
The Punchtime mobile app is a companion to the full-featured Punchtime website. With the app you can create logs, either by setting a duration or by using a timer while you work.

The app is especially handy if you're doing work away from your computer, on the road, or if you like to keep your time tracking separate from what is running on your computer. The app also works offline, and will queue logs when no internet connection is available. Opening up the app when you're reconnected will submit all queued logs (you can view all queued logs in the settings screen).

Getting the app

The Punchtime app is available for iPhone and Android.
Download the Punchtime app for iOS on the Apple App Store
Download the Punchtime app for Android on the Google Play Store

Setting up the app

After downloading and launching the app, you will be welcomed with a screen asking you to sign in with your Trello account.

Tap the button to sign in. You will be taken to Trello, where you can log in. After logging in, you must allow Punchtime to access your account.

After completing these steps, you will be logged in.
The app will start with a brief tour explaining how to create a log, and then take you to the main screen.

The main screen: adding logs

The main screen lets you navigate the app and create logs. Using the mountain icon in the top bar, you can open the selected board in the Punchtime website, letting take a quick glance at recent activity on a board. Also on the top bar, the gear icon takes you to the settings screen.

Below the top bar you can compose your next log. From top to bottom:
  • The top row lets you select the board you want to log on. Tap on the board name to select a board.
  • Using the second row you can set participants for this log. Are you working with someone else? Then you can select them by tapping here.
  • The third row is the description for this log. You can describe what you are working on, comment on your progress, etc.
  • The fourth row lets you assign a label and/or card to this log. Note that only cards that you are assigned to (cards that have your avatar on them) will show up in the list. These options are greyed out when there are no labels or cards available.
  • With the last row you can set the duration, control the timer and submit the log.

After setting the basic information about your log – like the board, a description and a card – you must set the duration. Here, you have two options:

You can either drag the clock slider to set the duration.

Or you can tap the Timer button to start a timer. The timer will keep running when you exit the Punchtime app or switch off your phone.

You can also combine these two methods: first drag the slider, then start a timer from there. This is handy when you forgot to start your timer, and have been working for a while.

When you're done – either you've set the duration to the proper length, or you had started a timer and you're now done working – simply tap on the Log button.

After tapping on Log, the log is saved. When there is an internet connection available, it is sent directly to Punchtime where you colleagues will be able to see it. If you do not have an internet connection, your log is queued locally on your device.

That's it, you created a log!

Refreshing data

If any of the data you see in the screen seems out of date, just pull down to refresh. The app also does this automatically, but if you've just changed something you might need to manually refresh.

Refreshing data after pulling down.

Viewing recent activity a board

Tapping the mountain icon on the left side of the top bar will bring up the Punchtime website on the currently selected board, allowing you to see recent activity at a glance.

Creating logs when you're offline

Logs can be created when you're offline. They will be queued for sending later. You can see if there are queued logs waiting to be sent by going to the settings screen.

As you can see, you can try to send them again from that screen. The app will also automatically try to send them again every once in a while (when refreshing your boards).


Using the settings screen, you can sign out of the app and review the tour that is shown when first logging into the app. This screen also provides an overview of logs that are queued.

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