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Filtering your logs

Applying filters

Filtering logs allows you to quickly drill down to a subset of your logs.
You can filter by:
  • date range: all time, per week, per month, per year, or a custom range
  • members: any specific member
  • card: any specific card
  • label: any specific label
Filters can be combined as you like. For example, filtering by month and selecting a label might look like this:
Notice that the log list in the background has updated, and also the total amount of time in the green bar has changed to reflect the filters that were applied.

Navigating date ranges

When a date range filter is active, two arrows will appear next to the filter funnel icon. Use these arrows to go back or forward in time, and find the time range you need.

If you've chosen to filter by a custom date range, two date boxes will appear instead of the navigation arrows. Click on a date box to show a datepicker and adjust your date range.

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