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Logging on Trello cards

Logging on Trello cards can give you highly detailed reports of where your time was spent. To start logging time on cards, pick a Trello board and make sure you are assigned to one or more cards (your avatar should be on the card in Trello).

Back in Punchtime, navigate to the board and start typing a description for a log. When you type a #, a list will pop up showing you all Trello cards that you are assigned to:

Select the card you want (pro tip: you can use the keyboard), and continue adding the log as you normally would. In the activity list, you will see a Trello card icon will be shown in the log description, indicating that a card was referenced:

You can hover the card icon to learn more about that card, or click it to jump to the card on Trello.

If you enter just a card reference when adding a log, that description will be spelled out as the description. For example, if my description is just "#20" and nothing more, the log will display like this:

Filtering by card

After creating logs that reference cards, you can filter for these cards on you activity list, and on your Insights page (if you have access to Punchtime Pro). Just select the card from the dropdown:

Card references can be required

With Punchtime Pro, administrators can configure boards to require a card reference in each log. Learn more

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