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Managing Trello and Custom labels [Pro]

Punchtime allows you to categorize your logs with labels. You can use your Trello board labels to categorize your logs, or if you have a Punchtime Pro account you can also define your own custom set of labels. Finally, you can also switch Trello labels off to prevent users from logging time on them.

Trello labels

To change the names of your Trello labels, go to your board on Trello and change the label names in your board's settings. Punchtime will automatically update with your new label names.

Disable Trello labels [Pro]

If you want to prevent users from logging on Trello labels, you can configure this in your boards settings.
A boards settings shows you the currently configured Trello labels and allows you to disable them for logging.

Custom labels [Pro]

You can define your custom set of labels just for logging purposes. Just go to your board's settings and look for the Log on custom labels section.
You can enter a label name in the input field, and create more labels by clicking the add another label button. To remove a label, just clear the text in it.

If a label has been used in logs, this is indicated next to the label name. In that case, clearing the log will prevent people from using that label for new logs, but existing logs retain the label.

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