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Organization Insights: powerful analysis across boards [Pro]


Organization Insights build on Board Insights, so we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with those first.

The main difference between board insights and organization insights is that the latter span across all boards in a given organization. As such, they are summaries of a total organization's activity and feature slightly different charts and stats.


Compared to boards, organizations offer a slightly different set of filters. You can filter by date range, member, and board state (only show active boards, or also include closed boards).

For performance reasons, organization Insights automatically filter for the current month (board Insights show the entire range of activity by default). You can of course change the date filter.

Since boards are often closed as projects come to an end, the default filter settings do not include closed boards – they would just clutter up your chart. However you can include these closed boards by changing the filter setting.

Charts: Effort per member and board

This is the default chart and it shows you a lot of information in a condensed view.
The vertical axis shows every member that was active (given the active filters). The legend at the bottom shows all boards that time was logged on. At a glance, you can see cumulative effort per member, as well as the impact of each board on that total. Hovering over a segment will show the exact time logged for that member on that board.

Charts: Activity per board over time

This charts maps the totals from the Effort per member and board chart on a timeline.
Boards are still selectable at the bottom, but the vertical bars now indicate total time logged on that board on a given day. This gives you a good overview of the activity on boards over a period of time, and how various boards compare.

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