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Enforce logging on cards [Pro]

By default, you can optionally include one or more card references in your log by typing a # in the description field. A menu will pop up showing all cards you are assigned to.

It might be desirable to require users to include a card reference in their logs, to enforce accountability on the task level. You can configure this per board in the board settings.

Card requirement settings.

Require a card reference for all logs

With this setting you force users to include a reference to a card in their logs. With this setting enabled but allow only one reference disabled, users must include at least one card reference: more than one is allowed.

Allow only one reference

This setting makes Punchtime only accept logs that reference a single card. If you enable this setting but leave require a card reference for all logs disabled, cards references will not be required, but if they are included there cannot be more than one.

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